About Me



I am Velintina Rameh Anak Meling , 22 years old from Sarawak, Malaysia. I am dedicated to fulfill my dream job which highly involving make up and marketing which can be specified as Marketing Manager of a cosmetic company. I was raised by family that are constantly preparing our cousins or siblings for beauty pageant my whole life. I was affected by the usage of make up in my daily life too ever since i was little and now it has become a routine for me . It is not about being beautiful , but to be able to fall in love with your own skin is more important 🙂 In order to let my cousins or siblings won the competition , my family had already expose me to marketing as early as 9 years old as we have to promote them to be voted as the winner through all medias that are available back then. It was not a big of a deal but having doing marketing in such young age was quite fun as people will be excited of how cute i was back then.

I am currently pursuing my study double majoring in Bachelor of  Marketing and Management in Curtin University Sarawak , Malaysia.

Personal Experiences

  • After finishing my high school in 2013, I worked as a promoter in Lea Sport Centre , Permymall Miri for 3 months before continuing my study in Diploma.
  • Went to Mara Technology University (UiTM) majoring in Diploma of Business Studies (3 years Course).
  • I was quite active in the local church and are always promoting our events and weekly activities in social medias as well as word mouth to mouth around me.
  • Active members of University Club in D’Bes (Business Club) in promoting and also organizing event for the cub.
  • Manages to make a Business Blue Print for my Diploma Final Year Project.

Personal Characteristics (How I Define Myself)

The Caring – I value all relationship that I have with others especially those who are close to me. I am quite generous and compassionate. I do not like to see others being bullied or judge in any form of ways. I love to give altruistic love and be loved by others.

The Cautious – I am very cautious of my surrounding especially in having close relationship with everyone around me. I love to spend my time alone as a time of reflection to make sure what I did was right. I also listen and observe people more as I will judge or predict a problem coming r solving it in near future. I am also careful when taking decision as I will consider all the consequences that will be faced in having to settle down to a decision.

The Cooperative – I prefer to do task in a group as I like to listen to others ideas. I will naturally seek for help and support from other. I like to encourage my team members with praise and thank you note to keep them well noted of their good effort. I also do not like tense , competitive situation where it will involve stress.

The Outgoing – I enjoy hanging out in a large group and the talkative type in the group. Beside that, I am also easily excitable, cheerful, optimistic and assertive in my communication with friends.

The Helicopter – I am able to focus on the big picture rather than the fine details of the problem. I like to think outside of the box and not limited myself to the small details that might not be linked directly to the problem I faced.

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I choose Sephora as my dream industry as they are one of the successful company that offers beauty product that includes makeup, skincares,body,fragrances,nail polishes and hair care. Sephora is featuring nearly 300 brands in their store together with its own private products. I have always found it interesting to observe how color can change something that is less appealing into extraordinary product . I was told that our face is like an empty canvas and make up is the paint that will create a lot of wonderful journey in my life. I was already exposed to make up at the aged of 9 years old by my cousin who participate in beauty pageant back in 2004. Since then , I was fascinated by makeup and skincare products as they can be a big part of our life.



I chose Marketing Manager as my dream job position because I like to do promoting as it will challenge me to be more creative and strategic in my planning to attract potential customers. I want to be in-charge of making the company profits to its maximum at the same time attracting new group of people to our company lines as our product will align with customer preferences.