Post 1 : Mail Order Marketing


Mail Order marketing is something that is essential for marketers or online business person to sale their products . Basically, mail order is the purchasing of products or administration via mail delivery. This method does not require the customer to be physically present to make the purchase for all buying and selling process are done online (Michael Chung 2004). This includes two-or multi-way correspondence and advancement of an offer between a firm and its customer utilizing the portable, a term that alludes to the versatile medium, gadget or social media channel like instagram, facebook or site.(Venkatesh Shankar 2010). Purchasing of product through this electronic mail or social media channel will then lead the customer into giving in information of purchasing and delivery of the product whereby customer needs to give feedbacks on their names, address to ensure that the delivery of the product is correct (Venkatesh Shankar 2010).

There are so many business that are using this marketing platform now to promote their product. As the world revolve in so many different kind of technology , the faster way to communicate with everyone is basically from the internet (Julie Bornstein 2012). This marketing strategy are one of the best way to promote your product as it works effortlessly after some adjustment and setting up in the webpage is done. This is because the computerized part plays important role as a tools that can communicate with customer widely without being present in the stores. A good example of this promotional strategy is shown by Shopee Malaysia. Their website contains promotional Ads and also multiple brands platforming in their website to promote their product. At the same time , in order to grab the customer attention, they develop this new idea of groupon and shop socially as this developing energy of web-based social networking through facebook or instagram.

Clients who come into your business are not to be neglected. These clients have officially chosen to buy your item. What can be useful is getting individual data from these clients. Offer a free item or administration in return for the data. These are clients who are as of now comfortable with your organization and speak to the intended interest group you need to advertise your new items to their peers .

For example, H&M are trying to twofold their financial plan for a web-based networking as they are aware of how online advertising and promotion can reach a wider crowd of audience (Elie Ofek 2011). They are constantly updating their products prices and stocks in their website so that it will be convenience for their customer to check before purchasing even walking to their nearest outlet stores. The shopping cart in their website also help customer to easily sort the product brands and also range of prices to make it easier to do decision on which product brand is more reasonable (Allison Berkley 2011).

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