Post 2 : Point of Sale Promotion and End Cap Marketing

These are two methods of selling of clearance product in the store as well as promoting it. The thought behind this strategy is to be able to promote the product in a way that is more convenience and driven. The end cap, which sit towards the finish walkways in supermarket are highlighted or promotional item a store need to move rapidly or cleared soon as new item are coming into the store. This item are usually situated on open space like the entrance of cash register counter as it is more visible to the eyes of the customers.

The most common stores that are using this marketing strategy to do promotion is Watson, as they promoted their skincare product around the stores on big aisles. They usually show their promotional product near the entrance aisle as well as the cashier counter as this will reach the customer attention more. Those item in front of the counter are usually simple item that everyone didn’t expect to purchase but are stimulate to buy due to the promotional facts behind it. Other than Watson, another shop we usually see doing this method is large supermarkets like Walmarts. As they emphasizes on the things they want to sell off more due to more products or just to cleared out their stores, the item on the aisle are using much more cheaper and promoted in a way it is two times more affordable. We can see this clearly happening when there are festive season and customer are always full crowding the store.

This show us that point of sale and end cap Marketing are very successful when it comes to do stock clearance. Another good example we can look up to is one of the most known make up store, MAC. In order to gain more attention in the eyes of their customer they display make up tester infront of the entrance aisle so that customer would want to test it out while walking pass the stores. Promotion banners are often display near the item as it will triggered the attention to go in the store and grab the item.



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