Post 2 : Point of Sale Promotion and End Cap Marketing

These are two methods of selling of clearance product in the store as well as promoting it. The thought behind this strategy is to be able to promote the product in a way that is more convenience and driven. The end cap, which sit towards the finish walkways in supermarket are highlighted or promotional item a store need to move rapidly or cleared soon as new item are coming into the store. This item are usually situated on open space like the entrance of cash register counter as it is more visible to the eyes of the customers.

The most common stores that are using this marketing strategy to do promotion is Watson, as they promoted their skincare product around the stores on big aisles. They usually show their promotional product near the entrance aisle as well as the cashier counter as this will reach the customer attention more. Those item in front of the counter are usually simple item that everyone didn’t expect to purchase but are stimulate to buy due to the promotional facts behind it. Other than Watson, another shop we usually see doing this method is large supermarkets like Walmarts. As they emphasizes on the things they want to sell off more due to more products or just to cleared out their stores, the item on the aisle are using much more cheaper and promoted in a way it is two times more affordable. We can see this clearly happening when there are festive season and customer are always full crowding the store.

This show us that point of sale and end cap Marketing are very successful when it comes to do stock clearance. Another good example we can look up to is one of the most known make up store, MAC. In order to gain more attention in the eyes of their customer they display make up tester infront of the entrance aisle so that customer would want to test it out while walking pass the stores. Promotion banners are often display near the item as it will triggered the attention to go in the store and grab the item.



Post 1 : Mail Order Marketing


Mail Order marketing is something that is essential for marketers or online business person to sale their products . Basically, mail order is the purchasing of products or administration via mail delivery. This method does not require the customer to be physically present to make the purchase for all buying and selling process are done online (Michael Chung 2004). This includes two-or multi-way correspondence and advancement of an offer between a firm and its customer utilizing the portable, a term that alludes to the versatile medium, gadget or social media channel like instagram, facebook or site.(Venkatesh Shankar 2010). Purchasing of product through this electronic mail or social media channel will then lead the customer into giving in information of purchasing and delivery of the product whereby customer needs to give feedbacks on their names, address to ensure that the delivery of the product is correct (Venkatesh Shankar 2010).

There are so many business that are using this marketing platform now to promote their product. As the world revolve in so many different kind of technology , the faster way to communicate with everyone is basically from the internet (Julie Bornstein 2012). This marketing strategy are one of the best way to promote your product as it works effortlessly after some adjustment and setting up in the webpage is done. This is because the computerized part plays important role as a tools that can communicate with customer widely without being present in the stores. A good example of this promotional strategy is shown by Shopee Malaysia. Their website contains promotional Ads and also multiple brands platforming in their website to promote their product. At the same time , in order to grab the customer attention, they develop this new idea of groupon and shop socially as this developing energy of web-based social networking through facebook or instagram.

Clients who come into your business are not to be neglected. These clients have officially chosen to buy your item. What can be useful is getting individual data from these clients. Offer a free item or administration in return for the data. These are clients who are as of now comfortable with your organization and speak to the intended interest group you need to advertise your new items to their peers .

For example, H&M are trying to twofold their financial plan for a web-based networking as they are aware of how online advertising and promotion can reach a wider crowd of audience (Elie Ofek 2011). They are constantly updating their products prices and stocks in their website so that it will be convenience for their customer to check before purchasing even walking to their nearest outlet stores. The shopping cart in their website also help customer to easily sort the product brands and also range of prices to make it easier to do decision on which product brand is more reasonable (Allison Berkley 2011).

Marketing Mix : 4p’s Strategy


Marketing Mix is the the combination of controllable component of marketing plan namely as the 4Ps which involved product, promotion, place and price ( C Goi 2009). These four components are mixed together until the correct mix is found that serves the requirements of customers preferences, while maximizing profits. Basically, there are two beneficial of marketing mix which firms can put to count (Lilien and Kotler, 1983).The first benefits is that it is an essential tools that are able to let one see that the advantages of advertising or marketing manager workload in a bigger picture as  matter of exchanging off the advantages of one’s aggressive qualities in the marketing mix. Secondly, the advantages of this combination of four component is to reveal another measurement of the manager marketing’s scope (Lopez E 2000).


Reading the definitions and explanation still makes it sound hard to understand . Let us break it down into four section which is according to the 4P’s. Product is the item or brand you are marketing to your target audience while place is the location of your product distribution. Then price is discount and profit margin while promotion is the marketing strategy you choose to get attention or interest of your target audience.


As for example , I just have to use Coca-cola for their outstanding performance in the business from the first day they decided to implemented the 4P’s strategy. It is known to the world that Coca-cola is the famous beverage of all time. They are sold in over than 200 countries. The good image of coca-cola portrays in their large market share as they have quite a strong build up image and customer loyalty. This is all due to the effectiveness of their advertising strategies for a more related and engaging views of the soda brand. As we all know, Coca-cola product is beverage which is under soft drinks beverages. Coca Cola has an amazingly substantial item portfolio made of 500 still brands and sparkling. They have about 3900 drink varieties which 19 choices of it are the no calories type of drink. Next is place whereby they are selling in more affordable or common places like incorporate supermarkets, eateries, road sellers, accommodation stores, motion picture theaters and event congregations, among numerous others. The next strategy is price, whereby Coca-cola and their rival drinks prices are almost the same. Costs are not very high to be past the normal clients’ span and nor too low to give an impression of low quality.Therefore, Coca-cola usually sell their drinks in crates or boxes with promotional item like glasses or uniquely design bottle to gain attentions. Lastly is promotion where the fizzy drinks business uses both conventional and present day channels to advance its image and items. It propelled its Taste the Feeling effort in 2016 which joins the greater part of its brands. This one brand approach taken by Coca Cola denote a noteworthy move from its past advertising methodology. Aside from TV advertisements and open air promotion battles, the brand additionally serves its advertisements over the web and on the online networking. Its online networking records are utilized to associate with its fans and supporters and customer to be more relate-able.



High End Vs Drugstores Make Up !!!


I am so excited to share this new product I’ve found in the nearest drugstores to my home. So I was checking on new products in and found some pretty cool dupes for high end make up alternatives !!! You will not believe how big the similarities of these two products which save my money up to 240 dollars to 70 dollars for a full face make up set ! How I wish I would have know this few years back and this would be very helpful for college students.

On the other side the pigmentation or lasting power may not be as good as the high end branded product in comparison but you can build the pigmentation slowly as you apply them on your face.

But if you are looking for a quick dupes , these product are the perfect match ! 

High-end Makeup List ;

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr Foundation $39
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer $28
Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil $24
Urban Decay Naked 3 $54
Kylie Cosmetics Lip kit $29
Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner $19
Tastiest Lash Paint Mascara $23
Tarte Sculptor $29

Drugstores Makeup List ;

Maybelline Dream Matte $11
Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal $9
NYX brow pencil $10
Wet and Wild Au Naturel $5
L.A. Girl Fine Line $7
Wet N Wild Mascara $8
Wet N Wild Contour Stick $4
Maybelline master pic setting powder $10
Colour Pop Lip Pencil $5
Colour Pop Lquid Lippie $6








Make Up . Cruelty Free . Marketing .




Hello Loveliest ,

Looking at today’s life , we see so many things involving animals in our daily life. Things like our outfit , shoes , food and sadly our make up too. It is our responsibility to not let this action be in closed eyes . WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT any make up that is using animals DNA or chemically .


Animal cruelty free or more likely to be known as products that are not tested to animals. As this term are never defined legally by anyone , cosmetic companies started to use this term as a label to promote their product . This label had created an awareness to many people but some cosmetic companies are only doing it for the sake of marketing.

In our understanding , companies will surely rely on raw materials supplier and also contract laboratories to try their finish product or safety of their products to animal’s skin. This action is taken to make sure it is safe to put on human skin. Companies that apply such term like “animal cruelty free” should be investigated by authority to make sure the information given is true. Apart from that , there are also companies that are really doing it the right way by using scientific literature, non animal testing or controlled human-use testing to ensure that their substantiate are safe to be used.

I was inspired by this blog to make this awareness ;

As make up revolve in our everyday life now, it is our responsibilities to know what we put on our face and what content of ingredient we are using in our daily routine. We all have something that we love and adore so much ; like our pets . It is just sad if this animal cruelty happens infront of our eyes by using or choosing to use make up that are not animal cruelty free. It is something we can change and can control . If we support animal cruelty free , then more cruelty free product will be produce in the future which will be good for both mankind and animals.